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I know very little about the management of sheep, can you recommend some books to me?

There are no books yet for the management of Soay or Boreray sheep specifically, but the Soay Sheep Society is planning to write a number of articles on various subjects to address the main topics of management. In the mean time:-

‘Starting with Sheep’ by Mary Castell (about £8) gives clear guidance on setting up and managing a new flock. Mary is also a keeper of primitive sheep.

‘Sheep Ailments’ by Eddie Straiton (about £19) covers all aspects of health and its pictorial presentation makes it easy to understand.

‘Island Survivors – the Ecology of the Soay Sheep of St Kilda’ by Peter Jewell is the bible for Soay keepers. It details the study carried out in the ‘60s on the island flock. This book, printed in 1974 is now out of print, it is quite hard to find a copy, and therefore they command a high price when available.