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I have bought some sheep that are registered, what does this mean?

The pedigree registration of Soay and Boreray sheep is handled within the Combined Flock Book managed by Grassroots Systems Ltd on behalf of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

If you have bought sheep from a breeder or recognised sale, the vendor/breeder will give you the registration papers and inform Grassroots that they have sold the sheep to you and they charge a transfer fee to transfer the registration papers into your name.  For further information contact Grassroots on 01392 437788.

For further information contact Grassroots through their web-page (then choose RBST Combined Flock book from the left-hand menu),  by e-mail , or telephone 01392 437788.

Their address is:  Grassroots Systems Ltd, PO Box 251, Exeter, EX2 8WX.   Once you are registered with Grassroots, our Flock book can be accessed electronically through