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Where can I buy some Soay/ Boreray sheep?

If you are unfamiliar with Soay/ Boreray sheep, the best approach is to visit a number of breeders to look at their stock to get familiar with the breed and ask lots of questions. A reputable breeder will be only too glad to give after sales service and be a ‘helpful voice at the end of the phone’.

The other way is to buy from one of the rare breed auctions held during the year in various parts of the country. Most are organised through the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and some under the auspices of the breed societies. Details of these sales are put into the Soay Sheep Society Newsletter.

When buying stock the main things to look out for are that the animals are healthy. Are they bright and alert? Are they a good size for their age? Avoid animals that are lethargic, not bright eyed, have mucky bottoms. Check that the teeth sit squarely on the pad. If not, problems with eating will occur in later life. With females for breeding, check their teats. In older animals check that the teats are soft - hardness could indicate mastitis and the loss of the teat and therefore the inability to rear lambs with ease.

The Soay Sheep Society is frequently contacted by people looking for stock, and it encourages its members to let them know when they have stock for sale.  If you contact the Society it should be possible to tell you of stock for sale relatively locally